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The company manufactures wide range of footwear, from slippers to sports shoes to school shoes and much more. Each pair is given thorough attention by dedicated & skilled employees working at the various manufacturing units in Delhi & Haryana. With in house designing and manufacturing facilities, we are one of the largest producers of footwear in India. High-tech modern equipments and machines especially procured from specialized venders across the world, are used to manufacture footwear at par with international standards and quality.

Its Product range comprise of:

LCR LCR brand includes the company’s sports shoe and floaters range which signifies today’s youth image. These uniquely designed shoes give you the comfort you need with the style you want. It comes in various range & variety and hence fulfills the need of all.

CASUALZHas become an inevitable part of day-to-day life. People of all age are running behind this over-intrusion. Our canvas range Yuva & Yuvi fits in the stylish world in a truly fashionable way. It comes in various trendy colors and in two styles- Low top and High top canvas shoes. They are designed with moisture-free materials and are well-known for their comfy nature. The extreme flexibility of the shoe makes it easy for providing excellent arch support.

SCHOOL AGE Creating comfort for leaders of tomorrow, this is our thought while crafting school shoes. Students of all age need comfort and durability while they are learning and we ensure that we do not let them down. We take immense care while making school shoes so that we can add a step to ensure a brighter tomorrow.



BELLY & MOCASSIN Includes the winter range for men and women. These are made to protect your feet from the chilling weather along with providing comfort of various soft-touch fabrics like velvet, suede, etc. Also it ensures style so that you can flaunt it outside thereby enjoying the comfort inside. This range also includes Sports Belly in various colors and designs.

GOOGLY All time masti, fun and play, let kids be kids and let them play. Our kids range is crafted keeping in view the tender care which every parent wishes to give to their child. Today’s kids footwear should be trendy, colorful, stylish but most importantly should be soft to the feet of tiny tots. Necessary care is taken while manufacturing for these little angels so that they can relish every moment of their childhood.

Lab & Testing

Footwear (klick) india Pvt.Ltd. is an lso 9001-2008 Certified Company and operates in accordance with quality Assurance system. this provides the customer further Confidence in our product quality which is regularly monitored and audited.

Lancer has in-house testing laboratory wherein all materials like leather, sole lining materials, toe caps are tested according to criteria to ensure performance and compatibility

Our Dubai Outlet


Lancer footwear is a renowned footwear manufacturing company that offers diverse portfolio of products, which adds comfort to people's lives. Lancer was founded in the year 1989 from the passion and knowledge of a great visionary Mr. Subhash Chander Gupta, who spearheads the company’s strategic..[ read more ]

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